Profitable resilience is the killer app in IoT.

Environmental ImpactLABS deploys trusted IoT solutions focused on environment, agriculture, energy, cities, and infrastructure. By our approach to instrumenting the physical world, we acquire data that is then verified, cleaned, and analyzed using the Spherical|Analytics Impact Analytics™ platform. Through our approach to verifying data sources, primary data, analytics and pedigreed outcomes, we get ground truth on the physical world, allowing us to make informed decisions that positively impact the environment and create resilience for every stakeholder.

What is IoT?

In this video, Context Labs CBO and ImpactLABS Founder Chris Rezendes discusses how the instrumentation of the physical world can become fuel for an engine of trust. The data we acquire from devices can give us ‘ground truth’ on the physical world that matters, and help us make better decisions to design, build and operate more resilient systems, communities and businesses. Chris argues that security and sustainability in food, water, energy and transportation systems can be realized more quickly and profitably if intentionally designed (starting with secure) IoT solutions are part of the new system designs.

The Environmental ImpactLABS Mission

Our mission is to instrument the physical world with intelligence and intention for profit and resilience. We pursue this mission through a multi-stakeholder model that brings together, innovators, industrial and technical corporations, investors, public organizations, and research institutions.

What We Do

IoT - Blockchain Integration

Environmental ImpactLABS delivers a broad scope of solutions that integrate big/ embedded/ dark data ingestion and IoT systems with Context Labs’ Immutably blockchain platform to create a digital twin or passport for physical things. That digital twin passport is cryptographically encoded and tracked, from the point of inception through its end of life.

Read more about Immutably™ for environmental data and climate resilience >

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Deploying IoT in the real world.

Nano climate sensors in this greenhouse help the grower monitor temperature, humidity, and light.

Our Process

The Environmental ImpactLABS process emphasizes collaboration, focuses on technology stability, and seeks to quantify the operational, financial and social impact of IoT on environmental impact. Through intentional and intelligent instrumentation, we create more profit and sustainability across agriculture, energy and infrastructure applications.



our solutions are heavily documented customer experience events that provide:

  • Participants with an edge in market and partner development
  • Early stage IoT companies with access to live pilots, potential customers, partners and near-term revenue-generating market segments
  • Host pilots with near-zero cap-ex pilot projects
  • Subject matter experts with the opportunity to collaborate with the most innovative companies in their spaces
  • Communities around ImpactLABS with a unique opportunity to participate in leading the definition, development and deployment practices of IoT


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IoT for Impact

Sensors at this oyster farm monitor growing conditions in real time and allow for digital traceability.


We've performed field pilots for targeted markets:

Food Security

  • Small-scale and community supported agriculture (CSA)
  • Urban and vertical agriculture operations
  • Aquaculture/ shellfish harvesting and husbandry
  • Commercial fisheries
  • Logistics and safety

WET Infrastructure

  • Water: including wastewater, groundwater, total water cycle projects
  • Energy: Including distributed, renewable pilots


We've provided impact to accelerate change:


  • Physical performance in-situ: survivability, reliability, total cost of ownership
  • Technical performance: power management, signal propagation, security


  • Is the data relevant, reliable and actionable to pilot hosts?
  • How do pilot hosts need or prefer to receive their decision support?
  • Are pilot hosts referring to the new inputs as decision support tools?


  • Payback period
  • Return on investment, total cost of ownership
  • Other financial metrics


  • What else can pilot hosts do with the new data in other parts of their operation outside the first pilot application?
  • Who else among the host pilot trading partners might benefit from accessing some of the new data?
  • Which local, regional, global research or academic programs might benefit from access to certain data?


  • Data exchange opportunities: supporting above
  • Data market opportunities: data as a new asset for SMBs to commercialize
  • Data bank business models: under development at ImpactLABS


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Stewardship Instrumenting the Physical World

Our teams are actively supporting a number of IoT education, training, community, network and industry development initiatives, including, but not limited to: