Robert Lentz

President, Cyber Security Strategies

What is your focus in IoT?

I am focusing primarily on security.  

How do you hope to make a difference with that focus?

I want to ensure that quality security is built-in early in IoT solutions.  

About Robert

Robert Lentz is currently president of Cyber Security Strategies. He recently was on the prestigious Cyber Security Hall of Fame committee and Presidential Cyber Commission. He was the first Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for cyber security. He wrote groundbreaking policies that set the pathway for operating in cyberspace, He spent 26 years at the National Security Agency, where he served in the historic National Computer Security Center with many of the Internet pioneers and ultimately became NSA's Chief of Network Security. In November 2000, he was appointed CISO for the Secretary of Defense, culminating in 2009 assisting President Obama to approve the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Strategy and DOD Cyber Command. He stimulated unprecedented venture capital investment in cyber technology and numerous international Cyber Security agreements. He is recognized for creating the centers of academic excellence with now nearly 200 certified colleges and universities.  

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