We develop environmental impact solutions that combine blockchain technologies with big data and machine learning

Spherical Analytics (S|A) has offices in Cambridge, MA , New Bedford, MA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our platform is called Impact Analytics™, a powerful platform for ingesting, cleansing and deriving intelligence from multiple diverse datasets in the context of environmental impact.  We use blockchain technologies to ensure provenance and authenticity of data – crucial at a time of alternative facts and diminishing transparency.

Our mission at S|A is to provide the platform to insure the provenance, veracity, and integrity of the planet’s environmental data. By integrating blockchain technology with big data ingestion, machine learning, and advanced analytics, we provide a strategic tool for environmental impact, risk assessment, and systemic change. With the combination of our Environmental ImpactLabs, we provide a full solution for organizations seeking to transform their environmental footprint on the planet.
— Dan Harple, CEO and Co-founder