Impact Analytics™ provides transparency and analytics (using blockchain technologies) to deeply describe and predict environmental and climate impact.

It is a powerful platform for ingesting, cleansing and deriving intelligence from multiple diverse datasets in the context of environmental impact, aggregating the largest environmental dataset providing a data-driven foundation for the development of industry-specific applications.  Impact Analytics™-

…insures the authenticity and veracity of environmental data

…provides trusted provenance for the world’s environmental data

...insures that one of our most precious resources---climate data, can be reliably discovered, used and shared


Impact Analytics™ has assembled a Proofworks™ enabled dataset of oil and gas fracking, ingesting public and private records, at-scale, to provide data veracity and provenance of reported and recorded environmental data.  

This dataset, in a single state, encompasses over 14,000 wells and all their production and pollution records, 49,000 landowners on 8.8 million acres, recording the production of 1.9 billion barrels of oil.  This dataset is an example of the scalability of Impact Analytics™, and its underlying Immutably™ and Proofworks™ embedded technology.  Deep descriptive analytics now can predict spills, accidents, and impact on the ecosystem.  This combination of disparate source big data ingestion, network analytics, blockchain technologies, and predictive analytics, provides a world class tool for understanding environmental impact on the planet.

Impact Analytics™ provides layering technology overlays to understand environmental impact

All datasources are Proofworks™ ingested, insuring the veracity and consistency of reported data over time.