Understand the climate and cyber impacts on resilient maritime and coastal operations.

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A changing climate and changing oceans continue to have rippling effects on fisheries, ports, and coastal communities challenging operators and regulators to keep up. Our platform provides immutable and trusted data and insights to support sustainable fisheries, food security, coastal and scientific communities, urban economic development and coastal resilience.

Enterprise Impacts


  • Sell, trade, license and share sources of private data at the owner’s discretion

  • Reduced operating expense with decreased need for manual sampling

  • Asset-class data to model risk, refine policy, and enhance contributions


  • Increased, efficient catch yield planning

  • Assured, auditable regulatory compliance

  • Administrative planning and management

Maritime Resilience Impacts

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Your work with us will address the following UNSDGs. Click on each icon to learn more about the goal.

Past and future projects:

New Bedford Marine Data Bank

Learn more about our work with the New Bedford Port Authority and the Marine Data Bank here.

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