Understanding the Internet of Everything: Panel on Connectivity with Smart Regions Congress

Spherical Analytics’ CBO Chris Rezendes attended and presented at Venture Smarter’s Smart Regions Congress at the National Press Club in Washington, DC last month.

The Congress was presented by Venture Smarter, one of the leading advisory firms on human-centered technology for urban/ community/ regional resilience in North America, and the Regional Smart Cities initiative. The Congress gathered people leading the work in the field designing and deploying human-centered smart(er) cities and regions programs. Attendees and speakers shared their experiences addressing technical, operational, financial, cultural and regulatory challenges to enhancing connectivity, mobility and resilience in smart(er) cities.

The Congress outlined a list of components that are critical to achieve these goals, when combined, including:

  • Community and collaboration
  • Risk and security
  • Policy and procurement
  • Data governance
  • Funding

In addressing the funding component, Chris Rezendes spoke to the importance of cybersecurity and climate risk measures that are needed to support the required flow of capital to smart cities projects. Chris discussed how both cyber-physical security and climate risk mitigation strategies and demonstrated capabilities are emerging as part of funding sources’ next-generation risk assessment models. Capital is unlikely to flow to smart cities projects when one cyber-attack or climate event could would wipe out an entire smart cities investment and potentially push a city back generations from a capital risk perspective.

Spherical Analytics is collaborating with a number of public sector and private sector partners on funded pilots and commercial programs to scale a collection of best practices in both cyberphysical and climate risk for municipal, regional and state infrastructure operators. This work will be done in collaboration with state agencies, city agencies, research institutions, risk rating agencies and market making underwriters and issuers.

To that end, Chris encouraged secure/ trusted private-public data sharing to improve the flow of data that would protect people, infrastructure and investors alike – but only if the policies, tools and methods proscribing the data shares, trades and sales could be attested.

Chris's point speaks to our mission at Spherical Analytics and Context Labs: Providing Trust Platforms to customers and partners and their networks so that network participant identity can be attested, data verified, analytics authenticated, trust delivered and progress accelerated and expanded.

Spherical Analytics is partnering with public and private infrastructure owners and operators to enhance their real-time access to trusted environmental data, climate analytics and resilience applications so that they can home in on highest potential and lower risk investments, and have the trusted data to prove their results.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out – info@sphericalanalytics.io.

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