Talking about Resilience at OSHEANCon18

Chris Rezendes, Chief Business Officer for Spherical | Analytics, recently delivered one of the keynote addresses at OSHEANCon18 – OSHEAN’s annual convention bringing together the top public and private sector innovators from across Rhode Island, held at Providence College in the Ryan Center for Business Studies. (Click here for the video)

OSHEAN stands for “Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network”. The network delivers broadband telecommunications and innovative technology solutions while driving economic advantage and operation efficiency for hundreds of organizations (academic, government, healthcare, etc.) in the state of Rhode Island and elsewhere.

In his address, Chris focused on three key imperatives for public-private partnership success in municipal and regional infrastructure development/ redevelopment: 

(1)   The meaning of resilience in infrastructure markets, including the rise of climate and cyber risk dimensions in overall project/ finance risk modeling.

(2)   The depth and granularity of the data required to monitor, manage and report out on cyberphysical infrastructure resilience to achieve material operational and financial impacts

(3)   The need for next generation public and private partnerships to collaborate and coordinate on their investments in trusted digital systems and multi-functional teams of SMEs

“Convenience is a feature, profit is a tool, but resilience is the killer app,” Chris stated to the crowd of several hundred attendees gathered from across the region. We at S|A believe that our platform – from allsource ingestion to cryptographic multipoint proofing and blockchain ledgering to network graph analytics and machine learning -- offers a comprehensive solution that allows companies to: gather disparate information about emerging risks, increase their situational awareness of these risks and make informed decisions that increase both revenue and resilience.  

Chris was joined by Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee of Rhode Island and Chet Kanojia, CEO of Starry, as keynote speakers for the conference.

Resilience cycle.png


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