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Spherical | Analytics and the Environmental Defense Fund partner to launch Environmental Data Initiative 2.0 in New Mexico

Last year, we at Spherical | Analytics (S|A) announced our first public partnership and project. Collaborating with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), we launched the Environmental Data Initiative to monitor and report out on methane emissions from frack gas and shale oil operations occurring within the state of Pennsylvania.

Today, S|A and EDF are excited to announce the next phase of this project: the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) 2.0 for the state of New Mexico. The New Mexico expansion has many of the same features and functionality that the initial work in PA contained:

(1)   Deep data analysis to see emission growth and reduction projections

(2)   Detailed map visualizations to explore the well, emission, production, and revenue data graphically and geo-spatially against impacted communities

(3)   A robust modeling tool to compare multiple levels of regulatory solutions and emissions controls

(4)   The ability to access and download all public data sources with refined detail to track the quality, condition, and status of all data

 Our work in Pennsylvania was unique in its scale, scope, and outreach. The EDF Environmental Data Initiative produced verifiable models of total methane emissions, presented operational alternatives to mitigate those emissions, and projected the impacts of moderate and comprehensive controls and regulations. The EDI is a custom platform intended to allow EDF, its partners and any interested stakeholders to address unreported emissions, enhance emissions accounting and modeling, and evaluate combinations of regulatory policy recommendations and energy operations changes.  

The strength of the Immutably™ for Climate platform is what enables this level of insight to be generated. Critical pieces of the technology include:

(1)   Data ingestion across a broad spectrum of sources from industry-reported emissions to satellite data to state revenue generation rolls

(2)   Multipoint cryptographic proofing through Proofworks™ to ensure that no fake data enters the workflow to corrupt the models and analytics

(3)   Blockchain technology in the form of the Scrivener™ ledger to give any stakeholder the access to that private distributed ledger

(4)   Robust network graph analytics and machine learning that form the heart of these important insights and policy recommendations

(5)   Dashboards, visualizations, and other tools to understand the data and enable stakeholders – and the people of New Mexico – to fully grasp the impact of extraction operations in their state 

By having access to this platform and its insights, all the stakeholders involved in New Mexico can begin to reduce their methane emissions and increase their resilience with one common picture: a base set of insights and tools to reduce the noise and reach consensus to address the unique challenges that face New Mexico and its people.

Frack gas and shale oil extraction operations continue to persist across the United States in the name of energy independence and economic growth. S|A and our partners will continue to scale the EDI platform and expand to new states across the seven major and numerous minor shale basins across the United States.

S|A’s goal remains the ingestion of all relevant environmental data for North America in order to build a complete, verifiable, and immutable aggregation of data, analytics, and models for the continent’s grand environmental and climate challenges. With deep and rich analytical modeling already applied to North Dakota in previous work and Pennsylvania in the first phase of the EDI, S|A now adds New Mexico to the collection of monitored states.   

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